Thursday, December 24, 2015

Go Tell It On The Mountain! And everywhere in Salem!

Wow, It's been a while since I have blogged about the ministry of Soul Saving Center in the streets but what a perfect night to write about all that has been going on....There has been a lot of one on one ministry going on....always taking advantages of the opportunity to shine for Jesus as He puts people in my pathway....It's no coincidence! God ordained it! I've been ministering a lot to people on a one on one basis and I couldn't share everything....but what a way to begin Christmas! Back out in the vineyard....sowing seeds for the Kingdom!!! Tonight I was doing some last minute shopping and a young lady stops me and asks for change. I asked what she wanted it for and she told me some story but at the end, she said she hadn't eaten so I told her to get into my car and I would take her to get something....she kept asking for change and I kept giving her the gospel while I ordered her food. The young girl who checked us out looked at me and said, "I'm trying to figure out how I know you..." Then she realized, "You stopped me in the street and talked to me about God and gave me a book, I like that book! I still have it!" I looked at the young woman in the car with me and said, "See? God had you ask me for something because He wants you to know that He is your only way out!" And I gave her more of the gospel before letting her out of my car. She was just one of the people I encountered this Christmas Eve.... My husband and I went to the home of the mother with the 5 children and delivered every gift! The gifts took up the whole living room practically!!!! Thank you to everyone who made their Christmas so wonderful! I will be sending you pictures of the them privately to your inbox. I shared the Christmas story with them and had my ipod hook up so I could sing "Joy To The World" with my back up track, ala Whitney Houston....they were so excited and happy to be surrounded by the gifts and before we left, I led them in a prayer to ask Jesus to come into their hearts! It made my Christmas!!!! I used the gifts that were all around them to lead them to the greatest gift of all! Jesus!!! I went out into the streets following my visit there and got greetings and hugs from so many! I sang for them and reminded them about God's Love for them and why He sent His Son to save them. The Muslims let me know they didn't celebrate Christmas but my message still hit them where they lived! The life that they are living will result in death because the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord! They could't deny that the things they are doing to their bodies will one day destroy them....I told them to look around at all the washed up people walking the streets, who used have dreams and be young they are all washed up with no respect from their children, no achievements, no dreams fulfilled and no God in their lives....I talked about the devil's plan and God's plan for their lives and ended it all with the Love of God that caused Jesus to come and give His life! Boom!!! That's it! I shared the gospel on several more streets and people were receptive....many were wasted but they heard me! This was my Christmas gift to the people in the streets tonight....the Message of Salvation! "GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN!!! THAT JESUS CHRIST IS BORN!!"

Saturday, December 5, 2015

God's Truth Cuts Through Everything!

I have so much to journal about, Jesus is so very soon to come and He's revealing His truth as we share the gospel. As far away as this world is drifting from God, God is causing people to stop! listen! and think! That's what happened in the streets tonight! First of all I went to Anderson Drive and saw some older guys hanging out in the back. I told them that Jesus was coming soon and asked them were they ready, they all said, yes! I asked them if they've asked Jesus to come into their lives as Lord and Savior....of course they answered, "Everyday, I ask Him." So I shared the gospel....they wanted to know what denomination I was, and I told them, "When you stand before God, He's not going to ask you if you were Baptist, Methodist or Seven Day Adventist, He's going to want to know if You accepted His Son Jesus Christ into your hearts. Have you been redeemed by the blood that Jesus shed on the cross for you....And when I finished I asked again, "Have you accepted Jesus in your heart?" They weren't so quick to answer this time and I left them with this thought...."The day you hear my voice, harden not your heart." I said, "When you start thinking about your mortality, when you feel like you need to make a real change...that's God pulling at your heart....respond to Jesus by accepting Him.....I told them who I was and they knew my Dad....they understood why I spoke to them as I did and I appreciated their receptiveness to the Word....They listened! God is at work! I then went to the home of the family that some of my wonderful friends blessed during Thanksgiving and checked in. The mother gave me a hug when I handed her the gift that Seeds of Greatness gave me for her family. She was busy preparing for her eldest son's birthday. She thanked me for everything I have done and I told her that it was a joint effort from people who care. I asked about Thanksgiving and she said it was really really nice! I told her that Christmas is covered too! I pray God invades their lives and changes the course of everything!!! Walking down Broadway, I ran into a high school classmate....he and the guy that I bought a tent for and my friend Connie fed were wasted...still I gave them the gospel and the tent guy was like, "I'm listening, I'm not saying anything back, cause I know she's right." (We've come a long ways from the summer when he used to almost dare God to make himself real because as far as he could tell, God could care less about him!) Anywayz....My classmate started telling me how he was responsible for making it through the time in the military, and basically taking credit for being alive! I asked him could I pray for him and he said yes....I went to war against every demon within a 100 mile radius! I knew who the enemy was and I attacked hell. God will make Himself known to this foolish man....because I asked Him to...He loves him no matter how stupid he talks. I went to the Motel and gave out tracts as I did the whole time I was walking....I encountered several groups of young teens and shared the gospel with them. I spent the rest of my time talking to Muslims on Olive St. One of the guys asked me about Christ, so I ended up sharing Chris's son's story has reached many people. Even the Muslims who knew did not dispute me when I said, Jesus healed Chris! I gave them a full detailed story about how God told me to rebuke death when the doctor said he was going to die....they listened intently. God made them listen...I could tell the Holy Spirit was gripping them with the truth that this is not just a story! This really happened!!!! This God I'm talking about Is Real! This Jesus Christ that I pray in His name really heals! The story is REAL! IT Is The TRUTH and it is something that cannot be denied. At the end the two who really knew Chris hugged me and one said, "I may not stay for the entire church service but I will come to church and get a hug..." I answered, "And a song?" "Yes, and a song!" I came home praising my Savior because I am armed with truth and love! This gospel is the Truth! Jesus is coming so soon, I share this because I love them, God loves them!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's All Because He Loves Us!

Yesterday I went on a prayer walk and passed out tracts. When I'm drawn to someone while walking, It's clear that God is directing my footsteps. This is what happened yesterday as I walked towards Anderson Drive....I saw two women sitting on a bench engaged in conversation and my heart was drawn to them. I gave them a tract and shared the gospel with them. God just wanted them to know how much He really loved them. He wanted them to hear why He wakes them up, why He spared their lives and why He is keeping them today, why He sent His Son and why they are searching for satisfaction but never finding it....What they are looking for is "Real Love" Love that comes from Jesus. God was really demonstrating His love for them as I spoke softly to them. They were so receptive as I shared Jesus with them and invited them to church. I praise God for allowing me to meet these two women....they need my Jesus and He wants to rescue their lives from sin because He Loves Them! I told them that! Walking away I pondered in my heart how God had me speak in such a warm and quiet manner to them. When I'm ministering to the "tough street element" I sometimes remind myself of my Dad who would sometimes proclaim what God told him to say straight up and raw. "It's appointed once for a man to die, and after death comes judgement...YOU WILL MEET GOD and You will answer to Him for rejecting His Son Jesus! These women faces seemed hardened by a lifetime of hard living, but God had me approach them in a much softer way. God is teaching me that I must be sensitive to His voice and listen for instruction in how to approach people. Sometimes He sends the gospel in the form of fire and sometimes it's a quiet conversation. He showed me that He knows each and every person because "All Souls Are Mine." ( Ezekiel 18: 4 Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.) That verse alone drives me to share the gospel. I praise God for their receptiveness to the gospel. And for everyone who took a tract yesterday! And I thank God for more on the job training in approaching people. Continuing on my walk I praised God. I realize that He urges me on because He loves these people of Salem...He's at work here!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

"There is something in you that you do better than those around you...That's God's gift to you!"

The message was loud and clear! Today in the streets of Salem, NJ the Lord had a running theme for the young teens, the younger adults and the old heads....God wanted them to know that it's not too late to take what He has given them and go be what He planned for them to be....But they have to Give Jesus their lives and make Him Lord of all in order to overcome the wicked one who would steal, kill and destroy everything God gave to them. On Union St, there were some guys hanging out...I had prayed while walking that everything I said came straight from Him and help them receive the truth. I walked up to this guy to give him a tract and he just looks at it, "What's this?" "It's just reading literature I said. "He gave me a hard look and said, "I'm Muslim. No." Smiling, I said, "And I'm just a harmless lady." I shoved the tract closer to him and he took it. The tract read, "This Is Your Life" I said, "Thank you" And walked away. I thought about what I said and I began to praise God for the clever way He led me to get this guy to take a tract. What threat could a harmless lady pose to a towering, menacing looking Muslim in dark shades when the sun was no where around? If he only knew....I began smiling as I thought to myself..."I'm harmless to you, but I can chase a thousand!!!! I'm bloodwashed, I'm as bold as a lion, He has taught my hands to war and my fingers to do battle....I'm more than a conqueror!!! "devil I got your harmless!!!" In the end, he will read the truth of the gospel in that tract....Praise God because God chose that one just for him! I handed out more tracts on Union St and headed to Olive. That was good! Thank you Lord!!! Olive Street! Busy! Guys hanging out....but I saw one young guy who looked strung out and I hadn't seen him since last summer when I told him some things about what God was going to do in his life. I asked him, "Do you remember me?" He said, "Yea" I told him that everything I told him about Jesus saving him, that he will live for Him and lead others to Jesus still stands. "No matter what you are doing today. You will be saved." I asked him if I could hug him and he hugged me...He is heavy on my heart....I give him to Jesus right now and I believe what you said Lord, You will save him and death will not beat you to Jesus Name! Amen. I walked up to a group of young people and began to talk to them about the abilities and gifts God had given them. I was able to give them a mini sermon on what those gifts were to be used for in their lives. I talked to them about growing up in Salem and having musical talent and how the Bible says, "Don't neglect the gifts that are in you...but give yourself wholly to them. I talked to them about dropping bad habits and everything that would hurt their chances for success. I talked to them about giving their lives to the One who gave them their gifts and talents and watch what He does with their lives....I told them I have traveled the world and it is because God opened doors for me to use the gifts I have and those gifts made a way for me in this world. At the end of my mini sermon I told them that we just had church! They were so polite, accept one who kept being distracting but I ignored her and so did her friends after a while. Their gifts....that's what God wanted me to remind them about. I spoke to a group of guys up the street and the Lord had me talk to them about almost the same things...only because they were older, the Lord wanted me to let them know that they can still be all He has destined to them to be....missed opportunities have happened but God still has a plan for them....because they are still here. Again, they were all ears, quiet and listened! God wanted these people, young and older to know that they were fearfully and wonderfully made! That He has a purpose and a plan for their lives...the thief wants to destroy everything God has given them and their only way to win is to give their hearts to the One the devil fears....Jesus! I thank God for helping me, being with me and shining through me....I couldn't do this without Him!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Saturday, October 31, 2015


Me:  "Excuse me, may I please give you this?"
Mandy: "What is it?"
Catching up to her, "It's just something to read about God.  My name is Mikki, Just wondering....Do know about Jesus?"
Mandy, "I grew up in church."
Me: "You did?  So you know about Jesus loving you and dying on the cross for our sins?  And what's you're name?"
Mandy, "Mandy, And, Yes.  I know."
Me: "Well what happened?  Why don't you go to church anymore?"
Mandy, "It's a long story,  a lot happened to me."
Me: "And you lost your faith in God?"
Mandy:  "Yeah I did."
Me:  "When I was 6 years old Mandy, a family friend molested me.  I grew up feeling like something was wrong with me.  I was affected by what was done to me in so many ways.  It wasn't until I was 50 years old that God took the pain of the abuse, helped me to forgive, and set me free from it all.  I can't tell you why God let this happen to me, but He delivered me and set me free!"
Mandy:  "My father molested me all of my life."

Me:  "Oh Mandy, I'm sorry....I can't explain why God allowed this to happen to you but I can explain why the devil used your father and that man to abuse us as children...."

I explained God's Love and the devil's hatred for us....I talked to Mandy about the chains on her life as a result.  I invited her to church....

Me:  "Where were you on your way to?  I will walk with you."
Mandy: "I was on my way to a drug dealer's house to get my money for my rent."
Me:  "Mandy,  Jesus can set you free from all of this.  This is not the life God wants you to have.  He really loves you and just like He saved me, He will save you.  You still have faith because the Bible says God gave us all a measure of faith....Would you come to church tomorrow?"
Mandy:  "If my boyfriend let's me, I can come."

My heart broke in a thousand pieces as I tried not to cry in front of her.....

Me:  "Mandy, can I pray for you right here, right now?"
Mandy:  "Yes"

I prayed against everything....and I mean everything....from the drugs to the boyfriend to the pain of her childhood and her life....and sense of worthlessness......IN JESUS' NAME!

I walked with her a little ways and gave her a tract....

Leaving Mandy,  I could hardly walk....I prayed for her in the Spirit and I had to quickly stop pleading with God for her and thank Him for sending me to her to give her HOPE.   There were some guys up the street and I had to get my joy back so I could minister to them....and I did!  Praise God!


If you were with me today....meeting Mandy would have broken your heart....

I walked away interceding in the Spirit for her....I believe God sent me to her....He's going to set her free!!!  He's going to save her!

I need you to pray with me!

Thank you!


This is not personal....The battle is the Lord's!  And He has given the command to attack!!!

This morning before the sun came up, I was up hearing the command to ATTACK!!!  I also woke up with the Scripture/Song "NOT BY MIGHT NOR BY POWER BUT BY MY SPIRIT SAYS THE  LORD OF HOST!  THIS MOUNTAIN SHALL BE REMOVED!"  I sang it all morning while preparing to go where the Lord said to go.  I called my Sister Connie who is a mighty prayer warrior and we met between our homes in the dark.

God had instructed me to war against a business that is literally a hub for demonic activity and where New Age practices flourish. while walking there the words kept welling up in my spirit, ..."Not By Might..."

Connie and I got to the location and began to pray.....Looking through the window, we could see there were things hanging on the walls that the Lord had told me speak against before I got there and when I saw them on the wall, I was not surprised....God was giving me an advantage in this war.....the enemy's tactics were exposed!  Crystals were everywhere and Connie and I wrestled against principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places....and when we felt the victory was ours we declared it out loud so every devil present could hear!

We continued walking but we knew we had left Angels warring and kicking demon's butts all over the place!!!  Not by Might, Nor By Power, but By MY SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD OF HOST!

So why go up against this business?

Because simply put, the wickedness is allowed to move about freely as the people unbeknownst to them, are conjuring up more demonic forces that will join forces with the demons that are already here.  The more activity and success this business has, the more influence the devil gains to his  advantage as they engage more people to become interested in new age practices....even distracting  and deceiving Christians with their "Holistic" approach to their well being....

But Peace and Love and Joy are all found through Jesus Christ....And any other means to achieve this is counterfeit and has originated in hell.

Please be aware that Jesus is so soon to come and the enemy has a strategical mindset that is in full effect because he knows his time is short here on earth.....All praise to JESUS who always causes us to triumph over the enemy because Connie and I obeyed the command to ATTACK!

But you know?  When Connie and I walked there to pray this morning, there was no supernatural surge of power flowing through us....just faith in God that HE WILL FIGHT AND WIN!!!  No mystical far out vibes going on....just believing what the Bible says about God fighting our battles!

Make no mistake....this is not personal as I stated....Connie and I are believing God to save the owner of the business...we know God loves them and Jesus paid an awful price on the cross for their Salvation.....But He also rose with all power in His hand and demons and dominions are under subjection to us who believe and know that there is power in the Blood of the Lamb!

Be very aware of what is taking place around you.  Listen for the command to go to war and get prayed up...keep your spirits clean so that the Holy Spirit can intercede and move through you resulting in VICTORY!!

But thanks be unto God, who always leadeth us in triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest through us the savor of his knowledge in every place.  2 Cor. 2:14

In this way, he disarmed the spiritual rulers and authorities. He shamed them publicly by his victory over them on the cross.  Colosians 2:15

.2 Corinthians 10:  4The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 5We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ

Saturday, October 24, 2015

One more chance to get it right....

Today the first group of men I encountered on a porch were all receptive but one....every time I gave him a tract, he passed it to his buddies who all took them.  When I tried to give him one he told me he knew all that...gave his heart to Jesus and he was hostile towards me telling me God let his sister die and she was a good person....why did He do that?  He was very belligerent towards everything I had to say and I realized he had the guy's attention as they watched him challenge me.   The Holy Spirit is an amazing on the spot teacher because I understood that I needed to shut him down with the truth of the gospel...I told him that we were all going to die.  We all will face God.  I told him that he's still here because God is giving him another chance to repent and give his heart to Jesus.  He said "I already did."  I looked at him and so did his buddies.  Had it went with that, he would have convinced them all that they were alright and didn't need Jesus...meanwhile they all looked like they had one foot in hell and one on a banana peel!  So I answered him aggressively...."You do not have the Light of the Lord in your eyes...You need to get ready to meet God because you will die too and you are not ready to meet Jesus!  The devil has blinded your eyes so you cannot see the truth but I am telling you the truth and it will set you free.  The devils believe and tremble at this truth!"  I told them I was coming hard at them because the devil is coming hard at them and he's winning so far....They were all quiet...including the loud one....I sang for them....and left them all....With Click Tracts!  Thanks Claudia Fuse!!!  My Girl!!!

I ventured down Union St and gave out tracts to more guys...younger guys and they all listened to me...they were respectful and the Lord had me lighten my approach....I gave them the Word and they gave me their time.  I told them I was fighting for their souls which would live in eternity either in heaven or hell....I was there to fight for their place in heaven but it was up to them....Praise God.

Next I went to Olive St....some guys were hanging out and they all took tracts except for the Muslim....The Lord led me to bypass him this time.....but there will be a time when we will meet again.  I got a chance to minister to a guy who had just come out of the Liquor store....he was ripe for the Word and let me pray for him right there on the streets....Praise God!

After I left him I went to the Motel and gave out tracts....I found myself crying in the car when I got back in....begging God to rescue the people I encountered.....I felt the heaviness of the world on them and I stormed heaven for them asking Him to go after each and every one....

I ministered to the guys on the corner telling them the devil was selling them a cheap bill of goods when Jesus has a life for them....full of every possibility....

God will win this war.....I just know He will....He loves these people so much!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

  2 Corinthians 4: 4-6
In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of the unbelieving, that the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should not dawn upon them .
 5For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus'sake. 
6Seeing it is God, that said, Light shall shine out of darkness, who shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Today as I walked down Broadway on my way to the East Side Projects, I passed some young guys, one of which said, "Cousin Mikki!?!?!"  I still don't know who he was, but I didn't let him know that.....I hugged him and talked to him about my son Irvin Christopher and shared with him the miracle that God did.  He said he was following on Facebook and knew it was very serious....God got the glory as I shared the miracle working power of Jesus to heal!  (I shared Chris's story several times in the streets today, it made the devil so mad cause he tried to kill my son!)
 I gave him and his friends Bibles, I told them that there is life in those I always pray that God brings to life the Words and that God show them the way out as His Word is a Lamp unto our feet!

I met a guy who told me he was from Penns Grove, NJ...I asked him if he knew my Dad, Rev. Irvin Hinmon?  He said, "Yes! Rest His Soul....Soul Saving Center in PennsGrove!!  I lived down the street from there I went to Soul Saving Center all the time!"  I told him that I was my Dad's daughter and that Soul Saving Center was down the street here in Salem.  He began to repeat, "Soul Saving Center....over and over again and began to cry."  He said, "I have this pint in my hand and you are telling me about God...."  He cried and I hugged him.  His sad yellow eyes looked like he really needed the light of the Lord to invade the darkness inside of him.  I shared the gospel with him and I reminded him so much of my Dad all he could do was cry.  I'm praying for him....I invited him to Soul Saving Center....the church of his youth.

I saw a woman who was sitting on the steps of an abandoned building.  I've shared the gospel with her before and put her name on my War Room Wall.  As I sat down next to her on the steps and talked to her, she cried....I again told her how much Jesus loves her but the devil was blinding her to the truth.  I gave her the gospel hard because she's living a life that is hard.....and as she  admitted to me, "It's not working."  

I handed out some Bibles and other Outreach materials at the Projects and saw a 10 year old girl "running things" in the projects!  She was intimidating her friends and just being a bully!  I targeted her and asked her to come to church with me tomorrow....I told her I would pick her up.  I know if she gives her heart to Jesus, she can be a serious mouthpiece for Jesus!  I've been talking to her mother and her family about the Lord and we are going to help them out at Christmas.  Her mother has 6 children and works at McDonalds. I'm praying for her family.....They are always in my heart and in my prayers.

I witnessed to a man leaving the liquor his motorized riding chair....He needed to know about Jesus....time is running out for him!

I walked past Olive St.....No one was there!  PRAISE GOD!  Angels on Guard Duty!!!

The Lord told me to walk to the Motor Lodge and I did....but when I got there no one was there....I prayed, "Lord, I know you told me to come I will wait"  Soon after a young man came up and was going into the Motor Lodge.  I shared the gospel with him thoroughly!  I hit him hard with the truth of the gospel and gave him a Bible.  I figured he was my target and so I was going to give him everything I could to shine the light of the gospel on his heart.  He listened intently and thanked me for talking to him....

God knows why...God knows who....God knows what.....

I'm not preaching about myself....I'm shedding the light of this glorious gospel in the dark places....

Jesus Is Coming Soon!  The people I interacted with today were chosen by God...And so I pray that each person that I shared Jesus with will come to know Him as Lord and Savior of their lives....

In Jesus' Name!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

"It's Time to Change What I'm Doing...."

People seem to think more about the direction of their lives when they attend a funeral
Tonight as I was out talking to some people, I ran into a guy who attended a funeral service today of a dear friend who was like a sister to my sister and I.  She and my sister hung out and partied hard before my sister gave her heart to Jesus and today my sister officiated her funeral service.  My sister was full of love and the anointing to minister was all over her! Praise God!  Most of the people there were not saved.
Jacci and I sang together and the people were blessed....the most important thing I got to do was to make an altar call at her funeral.  I led them all in a prayer of repentance.

Union St:  I see a group of guys hanging out and I stop....A guy standing there saw me and gave me a hug.  He began to tell me how my sister and I really blew him away and he remembered the times I've seen him and I've talked  to him and he said, "I'm gonna get right because it's time to get right!  Man, I gotta come on in!"   He said he knew my sister and she reminded him of our Dad. He knew my sister B/C  and saw that she was for real up there in that pulpit today!  What a testimony to the saving power of Jesus Christ!!!

Another young man was standing there and also hugged me and said in a whisper, "If you come and get me tomorrow I will come to church with you.  And I don't go to church but I will go with you.  You know you got Muslims here looking at you right?"  I said loud enough for them to hear, "I'm just telling you about God's love for you!  This love is real!  This love can change you!"
"This love can heal you!" "I've seen it in countries where mostly everyone was Muslim!"
From one end of Union St to the other end, I ministered the love of Jesus to the guys who were hanging out.

I shared Jesus with some guys on Union and Magnolia Sts as I did the one guy on the corner of Broadway and Union....They burden my heart because I know what God wants to do in their lives....Healing is Here!!!  Just Receive Jesus and Make Him LORD of your life!

OLIVE STREET was quiet when I went there! I just began to praise God!   A few guys hanging out and I invited them to church...

.I felt better after I did what I was supposed to do in the streets....Now I can finish making my Mom's birthday dinner and Birthday Cake for tomorrow!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Even the demons believe and tremble!

I've been having a conversation with a member of my family who claims to be an atheist.  I don't have long conversations with him because he always says something so stupid, I just shut it down.

He has a neighbor who goes to church and somehow he got his neighbor to have me come to his church.  My relative also came and ever since he heard me sing, (Its been a while since he's heard me.  (When Jacci and I were young, he tried to manage us, but my Mother kept him far from us.)  He's been scheming in his head on how he can get me to go out and make millions "With That Voice of Yours"  he says.  I tell him that I'm right where I should be and I know what called me to do and he gets a little impatient because he  feels I've wasted so much time and years and now is the time to do something.  Everyday he calls telling me how awesome I was and how I should be "Out There"

When the Lord leads me, I will talk to him more directly about him saying he is an atheist because the Lord showed me that he has done such deplorable, despicable things and ruined some children's lives that the only way he can live with himself is to deny any accountability and that means denying God.  But  he is accountable and my father gave him the truth of the gospel many times and he knew my Dad before he gave his heart to Jesus!

Our family has been praying for him for years and now he wants to come to SSC with some friends of his so they can hear me sing...

What amazes me about this is that he may deny and not believe, but the very demons that are lying to him, controlling him and that are in possession of him understand why I am here in Salem...what God is doing in Salem through me and others....They understand the power of God and are always in their war room working on attacks....But God fights for us so they are defeated before they begin.

James 2:19
You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble!

 Psalm 14:1
The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.


This morning I had every intention of sleeping in....

But God had different ideas for me.  I felt compelled to walk the length of the town of Salem and intercede for the residents of Salem, NJ.  I needed to walk anyway....(I finally was able to eat my peach blueberry cobbler, and our football food after that devastating Eagles loss)....anyhow....

I walked and interceded in the spirit, walking past Olive St and thanking the Lord for the angels that are standing guard on the corner of Olive St and East Broadway....God is so Good!!!  I carried some materials with me just in case I came across anyone who needed hope this morning.  I gave them all out.

When I got to Broadway and Market in front of the court house there was a man standing there waiting for the Courthouse to open.  He looked like the devil is just tearing him apart piece by piece.  I struck up a conversation with him and then I gave him the good news of the gospel and a booklet 199 Promises of God.  I presented the gospel to him in a way that was simple and clear.  He followed me and knew Jesus is the Lord.  His name is Lamont.  Please pray  for him.  My heart goes out to this man who just needs one touch from Jesus!

I walked on one side of Broadway to the end and interceded all of the way.  On the way back the Lord just had me quiet my spirit and walk.  He was there assuring me that what I was doing was effective and that in the spirit realm, things are happening that I have no idea about, but they are happening and Jesus wins!!!

Praise God!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

God Is At Work!

Today the Salem Rams Football team beat Glassboro, (New Jersey) 24-14!  It's been a while since the Salem Rams beat them but this year the team is making a name for themselves in two short games!
Congratulations Salem Rams, and to my grandson, Zaire who plays on the team!  Salem loves football and it's a great place to sit quietly and pray for the precious people who live in Salem.

Tonight I started on Union St.....I had a few conversations with some elderly heart really breaks for them because although we do not know when any of us will leave this earth, these men have been drinking for years and sitting around with all kinds of  abandoned talents, abilities and forgotten dreams and goals as they just exist from day to day.  They took Bibles from me and when I told them I was my Dad's daughter they said, "I'm gonna get over there!  You're going to see me there soon."  I thanked them for talking with me and continued on down the street.

There were some younger men sitting on a step and one gave me the coldest stare and said, "I'm alright." when I tried to give him the book He Did This Just For You.  His look was so hard and cold that I could imagine that if someone who was not really sure about evangelizing in the streets, that cold stare would have sent them home.  But God called me....there is no fear.
I told him "Well, I'm alright too and I need God and so do you!"  He took the book...YES God deal with him through this book in Jesus' Name!!!  His friend tried that too...but I just held the book out until he took it.  I prayed that the words become life in their spirits.
 I gave one young man a book and he opened it and began to read it immediately.  He was very polite....sometimes the harvest is so ripe they just need someone to give them a little nudge towards God.

Olive Street Was Quiet!!!  I went to Olive Street geared up praying in the Spirit, looking for a spiritual fight but it was quiet!  I saw a few people and gave out booklets, 199 Promises of God.  One guy saw me and immediately said, "You're gonna see me there in church.  I'm gonna get there."  I knew him so I responded, "I hope when you come they aren't carrying you in."  He laughed, "Oh I will be there before then!"  He knows he is gambling everyday with his soul, because I told him so.

I spoke to a woman who told me her story and I just felt love for her as she talked to me about her struggles.  But she believes God is calling her back to him.  I know He is, because people can't say that or come to Him unless He draws them.  I Praise God!! He Is At Work!!

Overall God is at Work because Olive St was quiet for a Saturday night!

Prayer Works!!!

I praise God for his ministry.  I'm right where I should be, doing just what He called me to do and if I said it one hundred times, I will say it one hundred and one...God Is At Work in Salem, and He Loves This Town!!!


Saturday, September 12, 2015

God told me to pray longer before I went in the streets.....

This evening I sat in my car for quite a while praying in the Spirit.  The Lord was impressing upon me to go out on the streets more equipped to do battle in the Spirit realm.  I didn't know what was in store for me, but I always anticipate some kind of resistance to the gospel.  There are a lot of Muslims, people getting high or drunk and those are just some of the walls that need to be scaled to reach them with the gospel.

OLIVE STREET:  There was a particular young man who when he would see me, he would quietly move away so I couldn't approach him.  I had spoken to him before and told him that God wanted to do great things in his life.  But tonight as I sat in my car, I focused on praying for him and the Lord told me that when I see him, to give him my card...and tell him that God has great things planned for him as I told him but he would hit a brick wall as the devil would try to destroy him before God rescues him.  I told him to call me at anytime day or night and I would pray him out of the situation.  God would send angels to fight for him.  He said to me, "I will, and I won't forget what you said."  I love that young man...God is going to deliver him!!!!  I can't wait to blog about it when it happens!!!

I went across the street on EAST BROADWAY and saw a guy I graduated from high school with...he and I walked down the aisle together!  He was so drunk, a guy was trying to hold him up and when I saw him I asked him what in the world was going on with him!!!  He told me he remembered me, I reminded him that once I tried to share Jesus with him and he told me to get away from him.  Well he was nice and sauced up and said, "Go ahead, tell me everything, I'm listening!"  So I said, "In the Name Of Jesus Christ, You will remember everything I'm telling you!"  And I gave him the gospel..he cried and nose running and cried some more....The guys on the corner with him saw him and I told them I graduated high school with him....and they refused to believe it!  I also told them that when I tried to tell him about Jesus when he was sober, he was rude to me.  They jumped on his case about that and they all listened to what I had to say.  The guy that was trying to help the drunk said, "I can't be holding him up!  I had a stroke two months ago!"  I looked at him, "You did!?!  Well I can't tell!!!  Who brought you out of that stroke?"  He said, "God did"  I said, "Did you thank Him for it?" He said, "I did!"  I told him, "You need to give your life to Jesus NOW!"

Our homeless "Tent" guy was drinking moonshine and fell and boy did he mess his face up!!!  (I'm bringing him Neosporin tomorrow) Connie gave him a good loving talking to and so did I.  He just smiles at all the love and attention he's getting.  But when he said that God probably didn't care....I stopped and said, "You tell God you're sorry!  Connie feeds you, I put a tent over your head and we're both trying to get you into rehab but you're not ready!!!  So tell God you're sorry because He is showing you love and care all the time!"  He raised his hands to heaven and said, "I'm sorry God and Jesus!"  I love that guy!! :-)

I passed out some Bibles, women's 1 minute devotionals, and other things and prayed in the Spirit as I drove so I could cover more territory.  I came across some young men who told me they were Muslim and couldn't accept the booklet, "He Did This Just For You" by Max Lucado.  They were very polite in their refusal and so I said, "Can you take it just in case I'm right?" :-)  They took the booklets!  Praise God for that!!!

Pray for the one young man who refused a Bible, telling me he is Muslim and said he couldn't accept it.  I told him I would pray for him and he said, "Please do that!"  So please pray for this young man...He really needs Jesus.  I see the devil is trying to kill that young man.  So please pray for him.  God knows who he is.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses. Joshua 1:3

This morning after getting up very extra early to pray.  (Only God can wake me up to pray that early 'cause I'm a night owl!)  The Lord really ministered to me in a mighty way!  I read a little, found Olive St and East Broadway in Salem on the google map.  shared the link on SSC's page and fell asleep again...Suddenly the Lord woke me up and told me to go to the corner of Olive St and Broadway and do warfare.  Take authority over the principalities and the spiritual wickedness in high places and claim this corner for Jesus.

So just like my father would set foot on ground across from bars and go preach to the people there in front of the bars, and today they are gone, I went to my Mom's room and said, "Mommy we have to go to Olive St and Broadway and pray.  She had her jammies on.  She said, "Like this?"  I gave her one of her lounging thingys and I called Connie Call Grepo.  She said she would be praying and that's one praying warrior!

I drove over there and Mommy stayed in the car claiming victory in Jesus' name while I walked the territory laying hands on the houses and calling down demonic activity.  I left praising God  and when I left the angels were cleaning up the block!

After taking my Mom back home, I gathered some New Testaments and other materials and went for a prayerwalk.  People I encountered were divine appointments.  God had me minister to two guys that I went to high school with.  One was really brilliant but has so far wasted his life.  He listened as I told him that God gave him the gift of intelligence and the devil has been trying to destroy him ever since.  His heart was ready to receive the gospel.  The other one, not so much.   The Scripture came to mind, "wipe the dust off my feet...."  so I said what I had to say to the one whose heart was fertile soil and ignored the other one.

I saw a young woman who wears sweatshirts in the summer, smokes whenever she can convince someone to give her cigarette money and wanders the streets all day.  I crossed over to her and prayed for her.  My God is a strong Deliverer and I claim her life for Jesus!

After giving out all of the materials I saw two women with a display set up across the street.  I couldn't read the posters they had up but they sat there and smiled at me as I crossed over to read the sign. Jehovah Witnesses..... I smiled back and walked away saying loud enough for the spirit realm to hear me:


And then I kept it moving.....

Please pray for Olive St and Broadway.  They party on that block a lot and you can hardly get down the street.

I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses. Joshua 1:3"

Friday, September 4, 2015

Recover what was taken from you!

Then David asked the LORD, "Should I chase after this band of raiders? Will I catch them?" And the LORD told him, "Yes, go after them. You will surely recover everything that was taken from you!" 1 Samuel 30:8

 I have been ministering to a lot of people in Salem but one homeless man in particular really broke my heart as he showed me the mosquito bites all over him as he slept on a back porch of an abandoned house. So I ordered a tent....Yes I did! I bought him a tent with the intention of putting it up on Soul Saving Center's property. In return, he has to come to church. He agreed.

 My sister/friend in the ministry Connie Call Grepo who lives across the street from SSC has been feeding him and his buddy great lunches  had an army cot from a time when she helped a homeless man who slept under the Salem Oak Tree in the cemetery...(She and I are cut from the same cloth! And her Dad and my Dad were great friends. He pastored Calvary Temple in Salem while we were growing up, and now look at us!)

 While the tent was in the box, Connie felt led of the Lord to pray over it. Afterwards I put it up (I'm almost an expert from my days camping at the Jesus Festivals) and Connie washed the pillow case and sheet and comforter she had because she said there's nothing like getting in bed with clean bedding!

 This man was so appreciative for what we did for him and we reminded him that God was looking out for him. He had one good nights rest and even slept in!

 He was so happy...but last night someone took the tent! He went to go to bed and it was gone!!! So back to the abandoned porch he went to sleep!

 Connie called this morning to tell me as she went to check on him....I went to the police station because it was said to Connie that the police had been called for something unrelated nearby...maybe they took it I go down there and the officer checked and said none of them removed it. I explained why it was there, he asked if I was my father's daughter....and then he proceeded to tell me how I was doing such a good thing and how it was fine that I put a tent up on Church property. And that he knew the guy we were helping and was glad we were helping him.

 Connie and I prayed...rain was predicted today and we didn't want him out there with no shelter. The Plumbing/Heating guy was at SSC meeting me so we can get the heat ready for the winter and he said, let me look in the furnace room before I go.... On the steps on the way down was the tent, all bunched up!!! He said, "What's this!?" I yelled, "It's the tent!!!" I called for the guy but he had left to go get something to eat at a church that feeds people on Fridays. I had to praise God right there!

 When the guy returned, he told me that tent was NOT there earlier!!! He looked everywhere around!! Look at God!!! So we put the tent back up. A few parts were missing but I managed to get it up and the cot and bedding were all still inside. What looked like a cigarette hole was in the floor of the tent, so I had him seal it up with tape. He promised he would never smoke in a tent. He knew better he said.

 When you pray to recover what the devil has stolen, God hears! HE doesn't want us to be victims of the devil and we've got to believe that God will restore to us if we come to Him. I had the guy thank the Lord for giving him back the tent and he raised his hands and said, "Thank you God and Jesus!!!"

 God is so amazing!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's Time To Say Yes To Jesus!

She was sitting on a curb all alone. I was headed towards a street where I knew I could give out some Bibles and other materials to some people who really needed them.  I had distributed some New Testaments earlier today and was eager to distribute more.  I happened to look over and there she was, all alone....I drove over to her and grabbed some materials along with a Bible but before I could shut my car door, she said, "You're the pastor from the church on Johnson St.  I'm doing worse than ******. (A guy Connie and I are helping)  I'm sleeping in abandoned houses.  I'm a woman, it's worse for a woman."  I sat down on the curb with her and she told me how bad she was doing.  I listened to her and there was a desperation in her voice as she said she has tried to get help and she can't get any help from anywhere....she said she couldn't get any lower.

I began to tell her that the devil had her right where he wanted her, desperate and hopeless...But she couldn't be in a better place to experience the Life Changing Power of Jesus Christ if she would choose to accept Him as Lord and Savior.  I explained that the programs she is looking into to help her cannot deal with the "Sin Problem" that lives inside of her.  I explained that she had to come to Jesus believing with the faith that God has given each one of us and choose the truth!  choose Jesus!

She cried while I talked to her about the power of God to change her life.  His love for her and how the devil could not stop her from coming to Jesus.  After lifting Jesus higher to her, I asked her if she would like to accept Jesus into her life....I told her, you have made choices that have led you here....Now choose Jesus and choose hope, choose life, choose peace...accept His Love and ask for forgiveness!  I led her to the Lord as we prayed the sinners prayer and gave her the materials.....I prayed for her that God would show up big time in her life today.  (You say a prayer too!)

I gave out a lot of Bibles today....and it only one person said he was Muslim, and didn't accept.

One guy who was sitting on the steps of my father's barbershop saw me coming towards him and said, "I don't want to hear nothing."  I handed him a booklet, "He Did This Just For You" by Max Lucado....I smiled at him and said, "Is that what you plan on telling God after you die and you're standing face to face trembling?"  He said "I, I, I...."  I said, "That's what I thought...I'm just trying to save your life so you will have peace on that day." (Pray that Jesus destroys the yoke of bondage in his life.)

 I get so mad at the devil for deceiving people who look like they've got one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel...and they think they are ok!  Meanwhile one bad cold could take them out!  The Bible is right to call him a thief!  He destroys, steals and ultimately kills....but I'm determined that they won't go without hearing the gospel that will set them free!

Connie and I are getting one of the guys we minister to off the back porch and into a tent with a cot and pillow and sheets and blanket.  He was so drunk today but he promised Connie he wouldn't drink anymore today....I hope he sobers up so he can learn to put this tent up and take it down.  It's amazing how he sees me and he's so happy....there was a time when he would see me and start complaining as I would talk to him about a God that he thought could care less about him.  Thank God that as Connie and I show him kindness, he sees that God really does love him.  It's amazing to him!  :-)

Jesus is coming real soon!  Just look!  The Signs are everywhere!  And as wonderful as it is to celebrate Jesus with our peers and enjoy the love within our should not be our priority in comparison to the lost sheep outside of the fold....we shouldn't be able to rest if we aren't doing all we can to win souls!  That's everyone's ministry, not just my calling, it's the Great Commission.

I'm studying the "Coming Kingdom of Christ"  and it's putting within me an urgency to share the gospel.  To pray that each Bible that I give out becomes life in their hands.  In Jesus Name!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Soul Saving Center Street Journal 8/22/2015 Part 2

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."  Matthew 19:14

Carpenter Street:  So much going on there....A lot of people needing Jesus....It broke my heart.

Tonight I got a chance to hold some babies and pray over their lives....the babies of young mothers....some were very childish themselves...even to the point where I walked away after feeling I couldn't get through to one of them.....But as I walked down the street, it was like I could see a score board....and the devil got an extra point....NO WAY!!!  I turned around and went back.  The one that was giving me the most resistance then came up with the story that she was Muslim.  I told her I have been to countries where the majority of the people are Muslim.  (She had no idea what or where Bosnia is)...I talked to her about what she supposedly believed in and how it cannot stand up to the truth that Jesus is the only one who can make sense out of her life...and I knew that she had a lot of fears....she quieted down and I asked her to let me pray for her....she said are you going to pray to Allah? I said, "No, I'm going to pray to the One who can set you Free, Jesus Christ!"  Surprisingly enough she allowed me to pray for her....and I pulled down strongholds in her life in Jesus Name!

I walked up to a car where some young guys were listening to music.....I asked them if they were original Trax and they told me no but they were musicians!  (Thank you Lord for that ice breaker!)  We had a chat about music and their dreams and I told them a little about me and sang to them....they were very impressed....I invited them to church but I left them thinking about how much further they can go in life if they give their lives to Jesus!

I walked up on a big group of people and singled one out, talked to her and then asked if I could sing to her....I sang and the whole group listened....I then told them they just heard a whole sermon in song..."Jesus Is The Answer".  I sang the whole song....that's a whole sermon!

Olive Street:  I walked up on a confrontation between two guys....But the one who was the most angry was respectful when he saw me....(I've spoken to him before)  I waited until it quieted down and most of the guys walked away to finish the intense conversation....but one guy stayed put.  He was the one the Lord wanted me to minister to tonight.....and he listened intently and told me he wasn't always hanging out here...he had promise all over him...I could see something in him that told me that he needed to start reconsidering his lifestyle...because God has plans for this young man.....It was a great encounter!

I walked further down Olive St. and there were a group of guys who told me they were in the "devil's lair"  I'm like, "Yeah, well here I come, Jesus living on the inside....angels all around me and the demons are shaking in their boots!  :-)  They all stopped and listened as I shared the truth of the devil's plan verses God's Plan....they were attentive and before I knew it, my voice was quite loud and I was focusing on the fact that this existence is not what God intends for them....It's nothing compared to the Life that can be their's through Jesus Christ!  I talked about the end of a sinful life and the consequences.....they heard me!  I talked them about the abundant life through Jesus and how every good thing in them came from God.....and they were made for good things!  But they'll never achieve these great things until they give their hearts to Jesus.

I share all of this so that people will pray for Salem....and for the ministry....but also because it encourages me to record my encounters because this ministry is not easy.  Although I love it, The simplicity of the gospel is hid to them that are lost and it's a battlefield that requires a lot of intense prayer and asking God for wisdom and help every step of the way....I feel like my ministry is actually worthwhile when I read what happened.  And if I can show those who read my blog and follow the Soul Saving Center Street Journal how to be a witness for to answer as the Lord leads, how to respond to people who are of a different religion then this blog is not in vain! ...

Remember, Jesus is the truth, the Light and the Way!"  That's what you have on your side....the Truth...that will make men and women free!

It was a good night in the vineyard!  Thank you Jesus!

Soul Saving Center Street Journal Part 1 8/22/2015

This morning turned out to be quite fruitful in terms of the Kingdom!

Well, it really started this week.... a dear friend and Sister in the Lord, (I'm just going to mention her name and if she objects, I will delete it)  But Connie Call Grepo has been feeding the two gentlemen who lay under the tree on Soul Saving Center's property.  She has been doing this for a few weeks now and has a burden to really help them. But the best part of all of this is that she is a mighty prayer warrior!  She supports Soul Saving Center and she has been a great encouragement to me as I see her being used by God to show kindness and share the gospel with the type of people that many would bypass and turn up their noses!   Go for Jesus and for the Kingdom of Heaven Connie!!!

Connie called me this morning (right after my blueberry pancakes) to let me know that one of the men we have been ministering to was hanging out at his usual spot.  She had already spoken with him and so I went to talk to him as he hung out on Broadway.  He said he has been offered a job!  He couldn't believe it!  He will be painting for a few weeks.  I asked him if he could handle climbing ladders and staying sober...he said, "I don't drink when I work!"  He was so happy!  And after his job is finished, he wants to go into rehab.

I've been talking to so many agencies to get help for him this week....and it has been one referral number after another!  No agency was available to just take him in....BUT...what I love about this whole thing, is that he felt that God really didn't care about him and I reminded him that he's been fed under a tree by Connie, I'm hooking him up with services and some other lady helped him get work!  He's been so polite and not at all the cynical guy I first encountered in the streets.
 I told him, "I told you Jesus Loves You!!!!"  He answered, "I guess so..."

After talking to him I went to some guys down the street on Broadway having beer for breakfast.  I've spoken to one of them before and the other told me how my Dad used to really talk to him about his soul.  The other guy remembered my Dad picking him up along with the rest of the kids in the big blue bus.  We talked about how they are still alive after all of the abuse they've done to their bodies and how people around them have gone on, but they are here.  I asked each of them why did they think they were still here....Their answer made me smile!!!  :-)

They realized that God was giving them time to come to him.  The one guy told me how God was waiting for him.....and the other guy knew Bible verses and stories and I just looked at him and got mad at the devil for blinding him to the life he could be living accepting Jesus! (That just makes me dig in more when I'm sharing the gospel of Jesus!)   The devil is a deceiver but Jesus is the Deliverer!

I told them how my Dad got saved in his car.  They were shocked!  They thought he got saved in church....At the end of our conversation they were telling each other in no uncertain terms that they were coming to church tomorrow and they looked at each other like...."You're coming with me!"  I loved it and then prayed and put angels on guard to prevent the devil from putting any obstacles in their way.

Across the street there were some young men, one of whom told me he was the grandson of a pastor.  I knew his grandfather, and he proceeded to tell me (with hazy eyes early in the morning)  that what I was explaining to him ,he was 3 or 4 steps ahead of me....I responded that knowing about Jesus and living for the devil is like not knowing about Jesus at all....there are parts of your life that you allow the devil to control...and so he has full control....It's all Jesus or all the part time Salvation.  I love the young men that I meet on the streets....all they need is Jesus!

Next I met our precious young lady who gave her heart to the Lord at church a few weeks ago.  She still comes to church and she is so blessed.....Pray that she is able to move forward in her life and that I can help her get her credentials in order so that she can have a better life....a part from the system.....Pray that her faith in God stays strong so that God can do exceedingly abundantly above all she could ever ask or think!  In Jesus Name!

Going back out in the streets this early evening!   God is at Work in Salem, NJ

Friday, August 7, 2015

Soul Saving Center Street Journal 8/7/2015

"But I'm Muslim...."  "Okay, But I'm telling you that God loves you!....I've been to countries where the majority of the people are Muslim and I told them the same thing....there is an evil force at work in this world and the only thing that can deliver you from this evil is Jesus!  And the devil also believes this and trembles.  God Loves You so much that He gave His Son as a sacrifice for us all.  All we need to do is believe."  This is the truth in the face of any belief system.  The Absolute Truth!  So I preach this in the streets....because it's the powerful truth!  This sums up a few of my encounters tonight.

One thing I realize is that when people are being eaten alive by their lifestyle and the devil has them in bondage....they may believe what they will, but the truth of the gospel always outshines whatever systematic belief is at work in them.....Know why?  Because it's not working!  There is no light in them, they are in a dungeon of sin, prisoners....I can see darkness in them.   But all they need is to believe the truth...and the truth will set them free.

One man I encountered tonight has been in Salem since I was a little girl, most from Salem would recognize him if I stated his "that" life and making babies...I remember girls fighting over him....tonight as I met him on Broadway he had a cane....he had his bottle in his hand and looked 3 times older than his age.  I stopped him and said, "Aren't you _____?"  He said "Yes"  I asked him if he remembered me...he said he did....and I asked him how many times had my father talked to him about his life....he replied many times.  And so I felt led of the Lord to just let him have it right between the eyes.  I lit into him with the smiles, no ice breakers just the truth of where he was in life and what was ahead for him if he didn't give his life to Jesus.   There was an urgency and a pleading with him to examine his life and face the fact that if he checks out....he's wasted his life and his reward is eternal damnation.  He responded, I know....I know....So I left him with a warning....Time is winding up for him.

I walked a bit and came across some young women sitting on a porch.  A few of them knew me and one young girl was very dear to my heart when I used to substitute teach in the schools when I would be home from the road.  Her mother is in the hospital and so I asked her if I could pray for her mother....well all of the young ladies wanted in on the we stood and held hands and I prayed.  Afterwards one of them said, "I know I need to be saved!"  Immediately I got so excited!   I began to tell her she could not come to Jesus unless He was drawing her and He is definitely drawing her!  I invited her to give Jesus her heart right there.  She said she already asked Him into her heart...but now what?  The Lord gave me what to say to her and she understood that she cannot change herself....this is not a 12 step program...Jesus said "If any man be in Christ, He is a new creature....behold all things are passed away and all things have become new....I broke it down so she could understand and invited them all to church....they asked me to I sang "Yes Jesus Loves Me."  The Lord had instructed me to sing that song when I was asked to sing....I understood why afterwards.  He was reinforcing His love tonight.

I walked further and coming towards me was a man who was using a walker....I recognized him as my mother told me how he used to really love Jesus at one point in his life and he left Jesus and now he was not well mentally.  I began to rebuke the devil and ask God to hold them back so I could give him the Word. He smiled as I talked to him about returning to Jesus...that Jesus has never left him....and as I talked to him quietly, he smiled, nodded and said, "I will be there Sunday."  I thanked God for giving him clarity to think and process what I was telling him.

Finally I encountered two young men from the Kensington section of Philly....who now live in Salem... I've shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with them before so when they saw me...they just hugged me....and began telling me their life story all over again....I interrupted them and reminded them that Jesus can fix all of their drama!  And they've got major drama!  I love those young men....all they need is Jesus.  Two young ladies walked by and they stopped them and started talking to them about going to church at Soul Saving Center and believing in Jesus.  I just listened to them repeat what I said to them to the girls.....I pray
that Jesus saves them because they are bold and they can talk!

I invited many people in the streets to church tonight....but I also dealt with some demonic forces that were no match for the angels that were with me.

I'm grateful for all that God is doing....for my friend that the Lord is using to minister to the 2 men under the tree....they will be the Glory of God!

I just know it!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

...But God sent me to pull you in the other direction!

Soul Saving Center Street Journal 8-1-2015

Tonight the streets were flooded with young people.....hanging out because the temperature cooled down.  It was a good night to share Jesus and invite them to church.  Some saw me and asked for a song...."O Happy Day"  The guys shooting craps stopped to listen.  And tonight there was absolutely NO resistance to the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I kept it short but so many of them have seen me in the streets I just remind them that the devil is pulling you downward to death, but God sent me to pull you in the other direction!  To Life more abundantly!

The girls are the most resistant on any night but tonight they too listened when I reminded them that they have God given gifts and abilities....But they will never realize them until they give their lives to Jesus!  They were all hanging out sitting on a church on Walnut St and someone from the church drove up in their van.  He looked at me like he didn't understand why I was doing what I was doing....Hopefully he will encourage his church to minister to the young people that congregate in that area.  The harvest is right there!  That would be awesome!

The older men....they break my heart.  A guy who knew me back in High School happened to see me sitting with the two guys under the tree on Soul Saving Center's Property.  He said, "I knew you were giving them the Word."  and he himself was so drunk he could barely get it the words out.  I was more blunt with him and other's his age who I have spoken to over and over again about their lives....and not only me.....My Father also talked to them about their souls....Tonight I was a reminder that God isn't letting up on them....they still have breath so they still have hope.

Tonight the message was to remind them that God is pulling them in another direction because He Loves Them!  I must have said that 100 times tonight.

Oh How He Loves You and Me!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It Really Is All Worked Out! Seriously!

I'm sitting here at Temple Hospital waiting for my Son's appointment and reading about David, on the run from King Saul.  
God anointed David as King and Saul knew his days were numbered.   Yet he sought to kill David even though he knew God was with David and the handwriting was clearly on the wall...
Just what did Saul think the outcome would be?   He even tried to get help from a witch.... Desparate Man.... SMH

David had a destiny and hiding in caves,  sparing Saul's life twice because of the anointing Saul had on his life.... All of this was a true test of character for David...

Thinking back on David's legacy and all He went through,  I'm encouraged that God is with me.   That this mantle of my father's is real!   That God has big plans for Salem, NJ and Soul Saving Center is to play a vital role in God's plan.   So I'm so grateful and confident that I'm in the right place and time in my own personal life.   God knows who I need and in what capacity I need them.... He's already at work on them.   The future of SSC is in place as God is preparing the next leader even now....
These are exciting times!  That's why I'm comfortable with small beginnings.   I mean,  David went from living in caves,  being a man of war to a King over a promised Nation... I didn't read one where he wondered if he was really supposed to be King.... He just followed the path and God s with him every step,  defeating enemies and keep David safe.... He will do the same for me.   
Exceedingly Abundantly above all we could ever ask or think!   Selah

Thursday, July 16, 2015



                             JULY 16, 2015

"Oh it is Jesus, Yes it is's Jesus in my soul...For I have touched the hem of His garment, and His blood has made me whole!"

Jesus loves Salem!!!

I started out on far East Broadway and worked my way down to West Broadway handing out cards and bracelets and singing and preaching the Life Changing, devil hating glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and let me tell you...I'm hyped!  

One of the highlights of my ministry tonight was coming across a man sitting on a stoop who when I approached him, told me to go on, leave him alone and shooed me away.  The Holy Spirit said, "Stay....sing "Oh How He Loves You and Me."  He told me not to sing...but I had had to obey God....while I was singing, he told me he had to spit so move out of the way....I did....he spat!
When I finished I asked him if he was sick....he said, I have cancer.  I asked could I pray for him....he said, "YES!"  He gripped my hand so tightly, I was glad I am Irvin Hinmon's daughter....strong hands!  I rebuked cancer and commanded him to be healed.  I asked God to make himself real to him and to change his life forever! In Jesus Name!.....He then told me he was a backslider....I started to cry...I told him Jesus sent me to him....He will live to proclaim the works of the Lord!  With his bottle sitting next to him, he thanked me...and thanked me....and I said God gets all the glory!!!  He will proclaim Jesus's love because God is married to him....I reminded him of that Scripture.

I walked away praying in the Spirit. 

I met so many men as usual who my Dad had talked to about Jesus and they admitted that he often spoke the truth of the gospel to them...I just reminded them about Jesus and they have to make a decision to accept Him as Lord and Savior.  

One young man was cursing up a storm when I walked up to him and told him God had work for him to do...and he had better give his heart to Jesus before it's too late.  He said I wasn't the first to tell him this and hugged me.

The next memorable event was witnessing to two drunks who told me that I didn't just happen up on them by accident!  Go figure!!!  And that God didn't make no junk!!!  Go figure!!!  I meet more preaching drunks on the street!!!  :-)  Well I sang to them, they were so receptive to the Word and I walked away praying in the Spirit.

The last thing I want to share is about a young man who was walking toward me...he had a pendant with the Cross in the form of 2 nails.  I gave him a bracelet and a church invite card....I shared Jesus with him and at the end I asked him if he would accept Jesus in his heart right then and there....he said, yes and repeated the sinner's prayer....Jesus saved him right on the street!  I will see him again....God has ordained it!!!

Jesus Loves Salem!!!!  I just know He does!!!!  He is at work!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

SOUL SAVING CENTER STREET JOURNAL                                                            7/9/2015

Walking up to a group of young men rolling dice up against the side of a house...."Should I stay or Should I go?"  That's the jingle that popped up in my do you disrupt a group of guys, yelling cursing grasping money in their fists and here I come interrupting their flow....

                                                        ON THE JOB TRAINING

Sometimes this street evangelism that I was called to is like God giving moment by moment instructions and I don't know what to do until I'm out there in the middle of it all,....doing it.....make sense????

Wesley Street:  Tonight I walked up to the guys, I stayed on the outside of their game and handed them Church Invite cards.  I ran out of bracelets, in my pouch....but I shared a little while they were playing their game...."Should I stay or Should I go???"  I heard in my spirit, "Sing, the anointing is on your voice...."  Their music was playing on someone's phone on someone's body....a car came by, music blasting...."Should I stay or should I go?"   I kept on singing...and wondering if I was wasting my time, this time....but in my spirit I heard, "Keep singing, their spirits are crying out for me, their spirits are crying out for help!"   Then the jingle left my head and I knew that I should stay.  I spoke to them with authority and love.  God taught me right then and there....."Man looks at the Outward Appearance, but God looks at the Heart!"  Yes He Does....He knew I should stay regardless of how it seemed I was being ignored.....Wow!  God is teaching me so much!  I had to go to SSC and bow before Him and thank Him....I even went back to them!  I went to my car and got more bracelets and gave them their color of preference....and each word on the bracelet was accompanied by a sentence especially for them.  Thank you Lord for the lessons you teach me as I work for you.

Johnson Street....Coming outside of Soul Saving Center, I saw three young ladies....I invited them to church and got a chance to sing happy birthday to one of them, today is her birthday!  I shared the gospel and gave them bracelets.....they seemed uncomfortable because of the way they were dressed....but the Love of Jesus was stronger and they were very receptive and I hugged each one before I left them.

Olive Street:  It's amazing how the devil works in clusters of young men around the different neighborhoods.....and it's amazing how I feel the evil when I approach them, but when I start ministering and when I leave I feel Jesus' at work....angels holding back the forces of evil, I feel no demonic activity at all!..The guys were smoking their stuff....they are intent in what they are doing...and there I was sharing God's plan for their lives and smiling and showing them love and no fear.....NO FEAR....ONLY LOVE.
The young men listened to me....they accepted what I gave them, They even let me sing to them....the young women were equally receptive.

Broadway:  I meant several young women with children....all receptive to the gospel and one young lady in particular....sadness all over her.....just sadness......I talked to her about my life and how Jesus can change her life and give her peace and love because He is greater than anything that is holding her hostage....He's God and demons recognize!!!  I prayed for her pray too.

And there were other encounters....these are a few that stand out in my mind.....pray for Salem!

And a Special Shout Out To Officer Hogate!!!  He parked on Wesley Street when the guys were shooting craps and carrying on.....when he pulled up they dispersed but I had ministered to them already.  I got out of my car and went to his patrol truck and introduced myself and gave him a Church Invitation Card....and a bracelet.  He encouraged me!!! He said, one person at a time, one conversation at a time, one day at a time....and don't give up!  Wow!!! Thank you Lord for Officer Hogate!  Keep him safe and bless Him as he patrols Salem with extra strong angels!

He said he knew my Dad and that he was a very special and great man!  He was so glad that we were here in Salem and said he was going to hang the card up in the precinct.  :-)

I worship my Lord and Savior because He is moving and He is teaching me....and I praise Him for choosing me to be in His service....On The Job Training.  #THEYDON'TTEACHYOUTHISINBIBLECOLLEGE!