Friday, September 12, 2014



Tonight God gave me a gift that was beyond anything I could have ever imagined! I was accompanied by some powerfully passionate women from Fight For Families Fellowship and Evangelist Dorothy White! Tonight I wasn't by myself!
We swept through the streets of Salem and prayed with people, cried, sang to them and spoke into their lives!
I have always felt inspired after doing outreach in the streets of Salem, but I got to see what it will look like when the Lord sends others to do warfare in the heavenlies right beside me! It's a beautiful Thing! To God Be All The Glory!!!! I know God moved mightily tonight!

Olive St: The biggest prayer circle I've ever had happened tonight! And it was mostly men! Ready to be harvested for the kingdom!

Walnut St: One of the young women who walked with me tonight has a powerful testimony and did she ever get busy for Jesus! They listened to her!
I spoke into a young man's life who was clearly high, but God gave me words to say to him that only God knew and he sobered up quick and hugged me....this young man always told me he was Muslim, but tonight God had me get in his face and speak to that place that he hides from all of his friends. Pray for this young man because God is going to save him and use him to draw others!

Union St: The largest group of children were blessed, prayed over, and their families too!

I cannot express my deep appreciation to all of the ladies! We made a powerful team as you passed out "Jesus Loves You" bracelets to everyone!

Lord I praise you for all you are doing!!!!
— in Salem, NJ.