Saturday, December 31, 2016

You Cannot Win with the devil, He's a spirit, but Jesus Can!!!

After the funeral service today where I ministered, I purposely went looking for people hanging out in Salem.... and there is always someone hanging out in Salem.
I parked my car and walked up to a group of guys and one guy I have shared the gospel with before had on "Dallas Cowgirls" attire.  I had to tell him that because I loved Jesus I was going to hug him.  Another guy said, "Uh Oh, that's an Eagles Fan!"  He didn't know me and we laughed at the way you can spot us as fans.

We talked and I shared the gospel with guy stood a bit off to the side, but he listened.  I explained to them that they may have every intention of 2017 being a good year!  Their year to do something with their lives, but they devil has other plans for them....and unless they have Jesus as Lord of their lives, unless they have accepted Him and repented of their sins, they are still a slave to sin and therefore, slaves of the devil.....He knows the only weapon we have is Jesus...and the devil, he even believes it!  I told them they can't win with the devil because he is a spirit but He knows if we have Jesus in our lives, if we believe on the Lord and receive Him in their hearts that the devil would fear the God in them.  I told them how I gain victory over his plots against my life through the very name of Jesus!  I talked about how much God loves them....How much He loves Salem.

I continued to give the Word and one of the guys, said, "She got me crying over here...."  It was God revealing His truth to this man.

I invited them to church tonight and all the rest too.  I had introduced myself and talked to them about my Dad....and why I was out there....there's always someone who confirms my Dad's ministry to the streets.....and they know what I am doing out there.....

I praise God that they may not come to church tonight but they got the Word today!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Church After Church

After church on Sunday we always pass a group of people hanging out, not really doing anything but drinking and just doing what they do....
For some time now I have been feeling like I should stop and give them a taste of church via a mini sermon since they won't come to church...any church.  I haven't been stopping, just saying I should stop to I repented to the Lord that I haven't been obeying Him after church.  With my Mom in the car I know she's usually very hungry after church....but that's no excuse.

This past Sunday I got out of my car and walked up to a group on Olive St.  I gave them the Word as my Mom waited in the truck for me.  She was fine.  Checking everybody out.  She knew some of the older guys and later told me that my Dad has preached to that man for years.

One girl walked up to me and asked if I was Chris's mom, I said yes and kept on sharing the gospel....They listened, even shook their heads...except for the man my Mom told me about, he walked away.  But he knows...he knows.....

There's something so cleansing about doing what God wants you to do.....there is nothing like it in the world!