Saturday, September 15, 2018

Soul Saving Center Hit the Streets tonight!!!

Yes!!!!  We were out there as a church family.....not all of us but we were out in the neighborhoods sharing the gospel, hugging people we haven't seen in so long!

I love it that so many of our church knew so many of the people tonight and there were beautiful "God-Connections" going on....People shared their story of how Jesus came into their lives and also His great power to save them!

As they reflect on encounters and the prayerwalks, praying over homes and people they got to plant the seeds of the gospel, the Soul Saving Center Street Journal will include more than just my account.  You just don't know how that makes me so happy!!!

I'm so overjoyed and thankful for them all....Frosty, Terry, Lydia, Irene, Maurice, Crystal, Jaden and Irene's granddaughter....(I can't remember her name! But she was out there!)

Thank you for sharing Jesus with our community.  And when we pray for Salem tomorrow in church, I know you all will have someone in particular on your mind.  I love you all so much!