Saturday, September 15, 2018

Soul Saving Center Hit the Streets tonight!!!

Yes!!!!  We were out there as a church family.....not all of us but we were out in the neighborhoods sharing the gospel, hugging people we haven't seen in so long!

I love it that so many of our church knew so many of the people tonight and there were beautiful "God-Connections" going on....People shared their story of how Jesus came into their lives and also His great power to save them!

As they reflect on encounters and the prayerwalks, praying over homes and people they got to plant the seeds of the gospel, the Soul Saving Center Street Journal will include more than just my account.  You just don't know how that makes me so happy!!!

I'm so overjoyed and thankful for them all....Frosty, Terry, Lydia, Irene, Maurice, Crystal, Jaden and Irene's granddaughter....(I can't remember her name! But she was out there!)

Thank you for sharing Jesus with our community.  And when we pray for Salem tomorrow in church, I know you all will have someone in particular on your mind.  I love you all so much!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

"If Jesus didn't Love you, I wouldn't be out here....."

I found myself saying that over and over again to so many young people hanging out tonight.

It's been quite a while since I have written in the Soul Saving Center Street Journal....but something drove me to the streets tonight.

We just finished Hinds Feet in High Places and the book ended with the character returning to her valley where there was so much darkness and sadness and evil but she was different and she knew she was to tell them about the way out...even if they didn't believe her or listen....she had to tell them.....I sat there reflecting on the end of that book and I felt myself anxious to hit the streets....

What really fueled the fire was some who were there had family members who had recently experienced violence or something traumatic in their families....and it happened in Salem....
 We prayed together and after praying I found it hard to sit still....I left right after making my way to the specific streets that were mentioned tonight.  There were so many people hanging out all along the I parked the car and walked up to groups of people, people in cars.....hanging out, high, making exchanges but they all took a flyer inviting them to church.

Each group got a different approach from me.  The Lord is teaching me to listen to His voice as to how to break the ice....but the words "I wouldn't be out here if Jesus didn't love you" was something that God wanted me to let them all know....and you know what so many said in response?  "I believe that!"
 Don't think because you see rough tough looking people hanging out that they don't feel the emptiness inside them....that's why they are doing so much to elevate the happiness they crave.  Looking for God in all the wrong places.

I met a young woman who had come into my center for help a few days ago and as I spoke to her about her life and what it would look like with Jesus as Lord in her life she remembered me....I didn't remember her but when she reminded me, I told her this was a "God-Connection"  and she said "Probably!"  She didn't want me to see her  in her present state as she was very upset and saying a lot of "Things" very loudly when I walked up to her.  We are staying in touch!

A car I approached had very dark windows....I knocked on the window and asked if I could give them a flyer....once the window was down they both knew me and told me who they were.  They come from families who are Believers....We chatted about the knowledge they have of God and how they should be out here with me!  They said, "Yea, I know."   They can't hide forever....they've got to choose....heaven or hell.

I came home greatly anticipating going out again....the Harvest is White and so ready for the gospel...
Of course I heard the enemy talking smack about people not wanting to hear me....but that's whats so cool about listening to the Holy Spirit....He gave me ice breakers that require me to follow up because I proposed some art classes just for the girls and they were receptive.  I talked to some kids about singing and while talking to some guys tonight, I believe the Lord was there ahead of me dealing with them.
There's nothing like writing about these times....I'll be writing more....If Jesus doesn't come back, I've got more time to tell people about Him.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Daddy, Your Work Is Still Going On!

Soul Saving Center's soldiers have been handing out door hangers everywhere!  Very creative places! :-)  Great Work Family!
The Post Office!  Neighborhoods and in the hands of people!  

Today I went out after an awesome intensive training on christian community development with CCDA.  It was beyond amazing and we will implement what we have learned today because the training was of God because He Loves Salem!...but I digress....

I put door hangers out all over East Side, Olive St and Union St.....but it was East Broadway that I want to focus on....
On the way back from East Side I was going home to get more door hangers and on East Broadway I saw a huge crowd of people, about 40 or more.  There was a decorated Marine there so I gathered it was for him.
I decided to drop by and give out the door hangers....I  prayed because they looked like they were having a good time and didn't want to be interrupted by some woman with something in her hands.  That was the thought the devil tried to plant in my hard head!  So I prayed and walked up to the first group of people.
I handed one out and she yelled out "Soul Saving Center! Mr. Irvin would pick us up on the bus and take us to Penns Grove to church!  That was everybody's church!  Thank you so much!"  I told them who I was and by then they were reminiscing about Soul Saving Center so loudly that everyone in that group took a door hanger!!!  EVERY SINGLE ONE!  
I thanked the Marine for his service and went to the truck with tears in my eyes....

"Daddy, Your Work Is Still Going On!"
No matter how high people were today, they took them.....some remembered my Dad and were so receptive today!

I came back and shared with my Mom and she said, "I'm not surprised Mikki, Your Dad didn't want to see anyone go to hell so he worked fervently for Jesus!"

March 3, 2018 Daddy will be in heaven for 3 years....but guess what....
God is still using what my Daddy did to soften the hearts of people to receive the gospel...even in the form of a door hanger!

Thank you Daddy,
Thank you Jesus!