Tuesday, September 20, 2016

He Came To Set The Captives Free!

My plan was to take my Mom to her Bible Study this morning in my lounging outfit, come back home and finish the laundry.  But God told me to get dressed, so I did.....I took her and decided, I might as well take Bella (who has to ride in the car now for everything!) for a good walk around the Pennsville Park area along the Delaware River.

On the way to the church to drop my Mom off, I rode pass a very familiar sight.  The ones who sit on the steps on Broadway, drinking starting very early in the morning.  The very sight of them made me so angry at the devil.....and I purposed that after I dropped my mother off I was going to stop there....By the time I got back there, I was so mad at the devil that I jumped out of the car like the Police!  Bella sitting inside looking at me like "Mommy, I thought you were taking me for a ride!"

I approached them and immediately the words came tumbling out.  God just gave me what to say to them and one of them has been to Soul Saving Center.  He has heard the gospel and I guess that's what really had me so pissed off at the devil.  I preached very hard this morning in the streets....I could feel the urgency in my spirit to preach the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ to them!

What the Lord would have them know is that  Jesus Came to Set The Captives Free!!!  That Jesus is Coming Again Soon!  That they are sitting in a dungeon and they are begin held captive by sin.

One young woman who was sitting there said to me, "I've been asking Jesus to come into my heart for 10 years.  How do I get Him into my heart?I've been praying lately too!"  I began to share Scriptures with her that explained the power that Jesus has to set her free and her responsibility is to believe on Jesus Christ!  To repent and to receive Salvation!  And then....Nurture that relationship....Some of them were even quoting John 3: 16 with me.....that really made me determined to expose the devil's works.  he was trying to make God's Word ineffective, and a lie!   No!!! he is the liar!!!

One of the guys said,  My grandmom is always trying to tell me I need to go to church but you don't have to go to church to have God in your life."  The Lord gave me an example of a newborn baby.  If I say I love the baby, oh what a cute baby I have and never feed it, change the diaper, clothe it, clean it, hold it....what will happen to the baby?  That's what happens when we accept Jesus....The relationship is real...it's beautiful...but it needs nurturing.  You find people that believe as you do, who can encourage you, pray for you, you learn songs  in church that will stay with you when you leave.  You listen to music that will feed your spirit.  And most of all, you learn the Word of God.....which teaches you how to live!  Nothing comes before the Word of God!  It is your lamp, your light, your map, your guidebook to living for Jesus.

I left them, telling them how much God loved them.  How much I loved them.  I know I defeated the devil's plans because I obeyed God and got dressed this morning.....I did a U turn in my truck and obeyed the Lord.  I interceded for them after I left them....Everyday is a WAR in the spirit!

He really loves the lost!  Please know this!  HE IS COMING BACK VERY SOON!!!  Interrupt people on the streets, everywhere and give them the gospel, in a tract, with a few sentences....and if God tells you to, preach the gospel in His Power!!!!  Don't be ashamed, don't be intimidated by the devil!   God is anointing those who will go and spread His gospel for such a time as this!


Saturday, September 10, 2016

"I Will Save Your Children"

Today I hit the streets with one thought in my mind....Every young man I have shared the gospel with from the time I started in the streets until today, I am a Spiritual mom to them praying and preaching the gospel to them without ceasing, without fear....

Losing my Son Irvin Christopher Kornegay at the age of 32 has been the hardest most heartbreaking ordeal I have ever faced in my lifetime.  Today I was alone in the house and I just wailed, cried and prayed for God to send comfort....it was a hard day but the Lord wanted me to hit the streets tonight and so I did.  It did me a lot of good to be out there....I just wanted to hug them all.

I drove around Salem praying about where to stop, the young men are out there....I approached them and of course some began to scatter but I asked them to come back.  They did....

I talked to them about life being so precious, about hearing that everyone in Salem having a gun, about God's love for them demands a response from them.  I seemed to have run into young men who had people in their families who knew Jesus.  They responded with shaking their heads because they knew I was speaking the truth to them....No opposition from any so-called Muslims tonight.  (They are not adhering to the life of a Muslim because the true Muslims I know live much healthier lifestyles)
But the best thing that happened tonight for me is that God reminded me of the Scripture He gave to me a few years ago....Isaiah 49:25, "I will contend with those who contend with you, and your children I will save."  I let them know that they were my Spiritual Children because I pray for them all of the time.  Some of them have mother's on drugs and have had no real love in their lives....the streets are all they know.  But I told them that I am praying for them and have been praying for them, that I love them, and that God has given me a promise that isn't just for my biological sons....but for them as well.

They received my words with such respect and acceptance.  I almost cried right there.
God has given me many sons....He took my baby to heaven, but as my friend Sara White reminded me, Christopher is God's son....He took His son back home....And I will see him again.
And now I have many sons that I am holding up in the throne room....God will save many of them that believe!

I was all over Salem tonight talking to young men and I got the same warm response.  I don't care how many have guns, getting high, stealing, robbing or killing....God said this and I'm standing on it.!  "I will contend with those that contend with you and your children I will save."

I'm claiming this Scripture for the young men in Salem.  They are beautiful young men who are destroying their bodies and their lives....but God will save them!  Amen!