Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It Really Is All Worked Out! Seriously!

I'm sitting here at Temple Hospital waiting for my Son's appointment and reading about David, on the run from King Saul.  
God anointed David as King and Saul knew his days were numbered.   Yet he sought to kill David even though he knew God was with David and the handwriting was clearly on the wall...
Just what did Saul think the outcome would be?   He even tried to get help from a witch.... Desparate Man.... SMH

David had a destiny and hiding in caves,  sparing Saul's life twice because of the anointing Saul had on his life.... All of this was a true test of character for David...

Thinking back on David's legacy and all He went through,  I'm encouraged that God is with me.   That this mantle of my father's is real!   That God has big plans for Salem, NJ and Soul Saving Center is to play a vital role in God's plan.   So I'm so grateful and confident that I'm in the right place and time in my own personal life.   God knows who I need and in what capacity I need them.... He's already at work on them.   The future of SSC is in place as God is preparing the next leader even now....
These are exciting times!  That's why I'm comfortable with small beginnings.   I mean,  David went from living in caves,  being a man of war to a King over a promised Nation... I didn't read one where he wondered if he was really supposed to be King.... He just followed the path and God s with him every step,  defeating enemies and keep David safe.... He will do the same for me.   
Exceedingly Abundantly above all we could ever ask or think!   Selah

Thursday, July 16, 2015



                             JULY 16, 2015

"Oh it is Jesus, Yes it is's Jesus in my soul...For I have touched the hem of His garment, and His blood has made me whole!"

Jesus loves Salem!!!

I started out on far East Broadway and worked my way down to West Broadway handing out cards and bracelets and singing and preaching the Life Changing, devil hating glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and let me tell you...I'm hyped!  

One of the highlights of my ministry tonight was coming across a man sitting on a stoop who when I approached him, told me to go on, leave him alone and shooed me away.  The Holy Spirit said, "Stay....sing "Oh How He Loves You and Me."  He told me not to sing...but I had had to obey God....while I was singing, he told me he had to spit so move out of the way....I did....he spat!
When I finished I asked him if he was sick....he said, I have cancer.  I asked could I pray for him....he said, "YES!"  He gripped my hand so tightly, I was glad I am Irvin Hinmon's daughter....strong hands!  I rebuked cancer and commanded him to be healed.  I asked God to make himself real to him and to change his life forever! In Jesus Name!.....He then told me he was a backslider....I started to cry...I told him Jesus sent me to him....He will live to proclaim the works of the Lord!  With his bottle sitting next to him, he thanked me...and thanked me....and I said God gets all the glory!!!  He will proclaim Jesus's love because God is married to him....I reminded him of that Scripture.

I walked away praying in the Spirit. 

I met so many men as usual who my Dad had talked to about Jesus and they admitted that he often spoke the truth of the gospel to them...I just reminded them about Jesus and they have to make a decision to accept Him as Lord and Savior.  

One young man was cursing up a storm when I walked up to him and told him God had work for him to do...and he had better give his heart to Jesus before it's too late.  He said I wasn't the first to tell him this and hugged me.

The next memorable event was witnessing to two drunks who told me that I didn't just happen up on them by accident!  Go figure!!!  And that God didn't make no junk!!!  Go figure!!!  I meet more preaching drunks on the street!!!  :-)  Well I sang to them, they were so receptive to the Word and I walked away praying in the Spirit.

The last thing I want to share is about a young man who was walking toward me...he had a pendant with the Cross in the form of 2 nails.  I gave him a bracelet and a church invite card....I shared Jesus with him and at the end I asked him if he would accept Jesus in his heart right then and there....he said, yes and repeated the sinner's prayer....Jesus saved him right on the street!  I will see him again....God has ordained it!!!

Jesus Loves Salem!!!!  I just know He does!!!!  He is at work!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

SOUL SAVING CENTER STREET JOURNAL                                                            7/9/2015

Walking up to a group of young men rolling dice up against the side of a house...."Should I stay or Should I go?"  That's the jingle that popped up in my do you disrupt a group of guys, yelling cursing grasping money in their fists and here I come interrupting their flow....

                                                        ON THE JOB TRAINING

Sometimes this street evangelism that I was called to is like God giving moment by moment instructions and I don't know what to do until I'm out there in the middle of it all,....doing it.....make sense????

Wesley Street:  Tonight I walked up to the guys, I stayed on the outside of their game and handed them Church Invite cards.  I ran out of bracelets, in my pouch....but I shared a little while they were playing their game...."Should I stay or Should I go???"  I heard in my spirit, "Sing, the anointing is on your voice...."  Their music was playing on someone's phone on someone's body....a car came by, music blasting...."Should I stay or should I go?"   I kept on singing...and wondering if I was wasting my time, this time....but in my spirit I heard, "Keep singing, their spirits are crying out for me, their spirits are crying out for help!"   Then the jingle left my head and I knew that I should stay.  I spoke to them with authority and love.  God taught me right then and there....."Man looks at the Outward Appearance, but God looks at the Heart!"  Yes He Does....He knew I should stay regardless of how it seemed I was being ignored.....Wow!  God is teaching me so much!  I had to go to SSC and bow before Him and thank Him....I even went back to them!  I went to my car and got more bracelets and gave them their color of preference....and each word on the bracelet was accompanied by a sentence especially for them.  Thank you Lord for the lessons you teach me as I work for you.

Johnson Street....Coming outside of Soul Saving Center, I saw three young ladies....I invited them to church and got a chance to sing happy birthday to one of them, today is her birthday!  I shared the gospel and gave them bracelets.....they seemed uncomfortable because of the way they were dressed....but the Love of Jesus was stronger and they were very receptive and I hugged each one before I left them.

Olive Street:  It's amazing how the devil works in clusters of young men around the different neighborhoods.....and it's amazing how I feel the evil when I approach them, but when I start ministering and when I leave I feel Jesus' at work....angels holding back the forces of evil, I feel no demonic activity at all!..The guys were smoking their stuff....they are intent in what they are doing...and there I was sharing God's plan for their lives and smiling and showing them love and no fear.....NO FEAR....ONLY LOVE.
The young men listened to me....they accepted what I gave them, They even let me sing to them....the young women were equally receptive.

Broadway:  I meant several young women with children....all receptive to the gospel and one young lady in particular....sadness all over her.....just sadness......I talked to her about my life and how Jesus can change her life and give her peace and love because He is greater than anything that is holding her hostage....He's God and demons recognize!!!  I prayed for her pray too.

And there were other encounters....these are a few that stand out in my mind.....pray for Salem!

And a Special Shout Out To Officer Hogate!!!  He parked on Wesley Street when the guys were shooting craps and carrying on.....when he pulled up they dispersed but I had ministered to them already.  I got out of my car and went to his patrol truck and introduced myself and gave him a Church Invitation Card....and a bracelet.  He encouraged me!!! He said, one person at a time, one conversation at a time, one day at a time....and don't give up!  Wow!!! Thank you Lord for Officer Hogate!  Keep him safe and bless Him as he patrols Salem with extra strong angels!

He said he knew my Dad and that he was a very special and great man!  He was so glad that we were here in Salem and said he was going to hang the card up in the precinct.  :-)

I worship my Lord and Savior because He is moving and He is teaching me....and I praise Him for choosing me to be in His service....On The Job Training.  #THEYDON'TTEACHYOUTHISINBIBLECOLLEGE!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

East Side Court, Salem, NJ

Tonight I was just overwhelmed with the love that God has for the people here in Salem....I spent all of my time in East Side Court tonight hugging babies and giving out bracelets that said either, HOPE, LOVE, STRENGTH, FAITH or DREAM.  The Lord gave me something to say to each person I gave a bracelet to as it related to them.  And the Church Invitation Cards.  I need to order more already!

I met a young mother with 5 children...they were beautiful children!  God just impressed upon my heart to tell her how much He loves her.  She looked as if someone had hit her a few times.....and God just wanted her to know over and over again much He wanted her to know that He would never leave her, never hurt her, never fail her.  I told her just as He gave me the Words.  She had a small child whom she named Chosen.  I asked her why she named him Chosen and she told me the story of how he was dying in her womb at 5 months and then suddenly he began to get better  she said....and there he was, beautiful and going in my shoulder bag for candy!  I told her that God has great things in store for Chosen and she named him accurately!  I explained to her that she too was chosen.  I invited her to church and I am still praying for her.....You pray too!

So many people received the gospel tonight....different races, different issues but God knows what each person needs to hear.....for some it was a song, for some it was a hug and a word of hope.  I love this calling on my Life!

A man who I remember as a singer when I was growing up, in his late 70's and bloodshot eyes.... I sang for him and he sang for me.  He sang "Yes God Is Real" and he was so glad I stopped to talk to him....He needed to be reminded that God is still on the throne and ready to deliver him!

So many young people out tonight...and I got to share Jesus with them...remind them that God put greatness in them but they need to first accept Jesus as Lord and He will show them the way to live, how to be the person they were designed by God to be.  What a wonderful hope we have when we accept Jesus!

That is All.....But one last thing...The devil is in those mosquitoes!!!  But still I sprayed and prayed and sang up and down East Side Court tonight.....

Jesus is on Patrol for Souls!

Friday, July 3, 2015

All Settled in Salem and Ready To Work for Jesus!!!

This has been one journey my husband and I will never forget.  We were called by God to continue the work that my father started and Wow!  The opposition from the devil was surely a sign that God plans to do great things at Soul Saving Center and I'm so excited.

Please do not miss the move of God on this town that He loves so much!

Dig in!  Get closer to God!  Give Him your everything....every part of you!

He's going to take you places you never dreamed you would go to!

Just watch and see!

I've got promises the Lord has given me and so do you!

Never get weary in waiting on the promise because He is faithful!

He's going to fulfill every promise made all for His glory!

Watch and see!!!