Sunday, March 19, 2017

Two sermons: One in Soul Saving Center and one in the Street

It's a wonderful thing to obey the Holy Spirit!

After our service today where the Lord was high and lifted up and God is really showing Himself to be our faithful good good Father; I thought the rest of the day would be spent with family....and it was.  

But right after church I was driving my cousin home and turned down Olive St. and there were about 6 or 7 men hanging out....just looking like they needed a good dose of the Word.

I pulled the car over and some of them knew why I pulled over.  I dove right in as the Holy Spirit gave me words that were from His heart to them.  I could feel His love for them.  And the Lord was really stirring me to share the gospel in such a way that I felt an anointing that let me know that God had them there, waiting for the Word.  Oh how He loves His lost sheep!

They listened and as my mother remarked later...."Not one them walked away."  Sometimes one or two may walk but the majority listens....I've done this many times but I wanted to share today because the Lord really let me know so intensely how much He loves them.  They nodded, laughed and smiled as I shared the gospel with some humor and a lot of Scripture!   And I left them in thought because the Holy Spirit was at work and the devil had to stand back and watch!

All I can say is to God be the glory!!!  Jesus Loves Salem and He loves those men and as we stretch our hands out towards Salem every Sunday interceding for the people of this town called "Peace!"   I know God is at work....

I praise His Holy Name!!!