Thursday, July 12, 2012

This is Bihac, Bosnia where I went with a team of 20.  We went through the organization OM.  We were there from June 17-July 2nd.

God did supernatural miracles there and it was beyond what we could have ever hoped or asked for....but one thing we did that God honored....We believed God for miracles!  We asked God to make the book of Acts come alive in that town and He did just that! 

A man who was muslim accepted Jesus as Lord and became a believer....
Contacts were made and I was able to perform O Happy Day at a Humanitarian Concert where a huge crowd of Muslims and non-believers actually sang along with me...."When Jesus Washed My Sins Away!"  Praise Jesus...

On the way Home I got to share the gospel with a Jewish young woman from Jerusalem!  She was raised to believe that Jesus was a "Rabbi who had gone off the deep end"  She said His disciples actually started Christianity after He died.  I shared from the beginning of man's fall to the sacrificing of the lamb to John 3:16 where the ultimate sacrifice was made for our sins all because God loved us so much!  She had never heard this before and we shared her prayer book which was Psalms and Songs of Solomen.  She was surprised to see Queen Esther in my Bible...she'd never held or seen a Bible!
Well, now she knows the gospel...let's pray that she becomes a believer and that through her others in Jerusalem will know that Jesus is the Messiah!

Praise God!

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