Sunday, October 15, 2017

Why Sit Here Til You Die? 2 Kings 7:3

Church was awesome!!!  God moved in Soul Saving Center!

Taking my cousin home, I went down Olive St and I heard this verse screaming in my spirit as I looked at the lost souls sitting on stoops, standing around blitzed out of their minds.   Especially the one whom God told me to warn....I was instructed by God to warn him once more.

I took every one home and then went back there.  I got out of my car and I shared the gospel with force, love and obedience.....but I told the truth and exposed the devil for the liar that he is. 

The 3 on the stoop listened intently and told me they knew I was telling them right.  One said, "I love you!"  I told them I loved them too.  I told them that was why I was in front of them telling them that Jesus breaks chains!  He will break their chains but they have to make a decision to not sit here until they die!

I left them and then I went on to the one who God told me to warn.  He told me he had cancer and it had come back and he didn't have long.  I told him I knew that the first time I warned him.  He said after I die, I'm dead....I told him not so...I told him about the terror of meeting God face to face in judgement in his sin.  He said once he's dead he is dead.  I told him not so....he said he didn't want to hear it!!!  He told me he was blessed, I told him he was cursed because he will not accept the truth of the gospel and be delivered.  I told him he cannot drink the sin away.

He told me he didn't want to hear it.  He told me this the last time...I told him his time was short on earth.
He said he loved me, I told him I loved him and if he didn't give his heart to Jesus now, he was bound for eternity in hell.

I felt as if a weight was lifted off of me but then the hurt of him rejecting God left me too.  It's in His hands.

Why sit here until you Die? 

Jesus has life abundant waiting! 

Two sermons preached today! 
God get your people ready!!!


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